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      The 2018-2019 school year is coming to an end. Thank you for supporting our SCRIP program at St. John's! SCRIP is our main on-going fundraiser for our school to help provide funding for events such as Field Day and Catholic Schools Week and technological upgrades for the classrooms and school. SCRIP is an easy way to support our school if you incorporate SCRIP into your everyday shopping habits in addition to gift giving possibilities. As an overview, the term “SCRIP” is used to describe gift cards/certificates that PTO purchases at a discount and sells at face value for a profit of 2% up to 25%. Many grocery stores, retailers, and restaurants are available – check out the backside for our current list of OnDemand items. OnDemand can be purchased during school office hours, Friday morning carline, and at various events throughout the school year.

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      Thanks to everyone who has added a SCRIP step into their shopping habits!

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      Schools purchase gift certificates, or scrip, from popular retailers at a discount. Click here for Scrip FAQs. Parents then buy the gift certificates from the school at face value. The difference in price is kept by the school. Parents spend the scrip at the retailer, where it's worth the full face value. School earnings can really add up. Typical schools can earn $3,000 to $10,000 without any door to door fundraising..... MORE

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      Current rebate bonuses: Arby's 10%, Bed Bath & Beyond 8%, Carter's 11%, Domino's 11%.

      Retailers listed in BOLD are carried OnDemand during school office hours and Friday morning carline sales.

      Questions? Contact your SCRIP coordinator at sjscrip@gmail.com

      Help needed! The SCRIP team is in need of a few more parents to help with SCRIP sales on Friday morning carline and other times during the year. If this is something you can help with, contact your SCRIP coordinator at sjscrip@gmail.com. Thank you!

      Thank you for supporting our school! For more information or qustions, go to www.shopwithscrip.com or email sjscrip@gmail.com



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