Angie Songy, 4th Grade

After graduating from Auburn University in 1993, I began teaching elementary school. I have had a variety of teaching experiences, including both public and private schools. Since beginning my career, I have gotten married to Jason Songy and had four children, Sam, Allie, Luke, and Demi. We live in Huntsville, and we attend church and school at St. John the Baptist. My oldest son is a sophomore at the University of Alabama. My oldest daughter is a sophomore at Saint John Paul II Catholic High School. My other two children are in 1st and 6th grade at St. John’s.

Fourth grade is my favorite grade to teach! Students learn about our state’s history, and how we fit into the history of our nation. They improve their writing skills with daily writing activities, ending the year with a research project. They become experts in long multiplication and division, as well as other important math skills. Fourth graders are immersed in literature and books of all kinds as they are challenged to grow through a variety of reading material. We begin and end our day with prayer, and opportunities to practice and include our faith occur throughout the day in our classroom and school. My main objective as a fourth grade teacher at St. John’s is to provide a faith-filled learning environment in which every student will learn and grow.

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