Liz Kvicala, K4

Hello everyone, my name is Liz Kvicala. I have been married for seventeen years to my amazing husband Mike. We have three children: Michael, Cannon and Reagan. My husband’s naval career has provided us the wonderful opportunity to travel the country and the world. We retired from our navy life and settled in Madison.

I’ve been an elementary teacher (on and off) for 23 years, nine of those in kindergarten. When not in the classroom, I kept myself current by volunteering in schools across the country and even in England. With my experience in and out of the classroom, I have developed the teaching philosophy that school should be an exciting, fun place. We will laugh, sing and celebrate while we learn.

I am humbled and grateful that you have entrusted your children to my care. I assure you that I take this responsibility most seriously, and will do my best to make this a wonderfully productive and enjoyable year.

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