Jennifer Dieselberg, 7th Grade - Middle School Science

Most of my childhood was spent exploring the Indiana outdoors and having a great love for science. I wanted to be a science teacher since I was a freshman in high school and still can’t imagine doing anything else. I hold a B.S. in Biology Education from Purdue University and a M.A.T. in Biology Teaching from Miami University of Ohio.

My husband Chad and I have 3 daughters Claire, Jocelyn, and Gianna. We moved to Madison in 2007 and we were welcomed wholeheartedly by the St. John’s community. This is my fourth year at St. John’s and my 8th year teaching Middle School Science in a Catholic school. I’m thrilled to be part of the St. John’s teaching staff.

My goal for teaching science is to make it “concrete.” Abstract concepts can be better understood and remembered by having a hands on and/or visual lesson. Reminding students that science embraces God’s Natural Law and that we are called to be stewards of Creation is often intertwined with curriculum.

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