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Introduction:  The band program has a beginner band (B Band) and an advanced band (A Band). Students generally spend one year in B Band then advance to A Band. Our band students are in 4th grade through 8th grade. Students generally begin band by participating in Summer Band or join the band in the fall. Our band director works with students and parents in choosing an instrument that is right for the student. ** Click here for Band Policies and Fees **.

Band Parent Support Organization:The Fine Arts Association is the parent support organization for St. John's Band. Parent support is critical for fundraising and operational activities.

Band Fees: The band fee is payable to St. John's School.
A Band: $200 (Paying for the full year is highly recommended, semester fee is $100/per)
B Band: $100 per school year
Other Fees: (Polo’s, Audition Fee’s, Solo and Ensemble, Trip) - Costs will be collected at designated time of event.